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Our Technology

Welcome to a more comfortable, precise future.

Digital Impressions 

Say goodbye to messy impressions and hello to a comfortable, precise, and efficient experience.

Upgrade your dental care with our advanced digital scanning technology. No more uncomfortable impressions. Our digital scanners offer precise and efficient treatment. 

Digital Cone Beam CT

Discover the Advantages of Digital Cone Beam CT at Grandstand Dental Care. Our advanced CBCT imaging technology offers highly detailed 3D scans of your mouth, aiding early detection, reducing radiation exposure, ensuring customized care, and enhancing surgical precision for safer and more precise treatments.

3D X-Ray, Dental Implant Planning, Mulgrave, Melbourne

CAD/CAM Milling

Our CAD/CAM milling technology enables same-day restorations for crowns and  produces surgical guides with exceptional accuracy, enhancing implant procedures. 

Surgical Implant Guide, Guided Implants, Mulgrave, Melbourne

Lightwalker Laser 

Introducing the LightWalker Laser: A Trusted Partner for Your Smile. This remarkable system, equipped with dual Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers, paves the way for a more comfortable dental journey. From dental fillings to facial aesthetics, our skilled team delivers treatments with precision and innovation.

Dental Microscope, Digital Dentistry, Mulgrave, Melbourne


Microscope-enhanced dentistry provides exceptional clarity during procedures, aiding early diagnosis of hidden issues, such as cracks and decay while allowing precise, minimally invasive treatments like root canals and precise restorations.

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