Our Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontic Braces or Fixed Appliances?

Braces are the gold standard in orthodontic treatment for controlled movement and alignment of teeth. The mechanics of braces have immensely changed over the last 50 years, with introduction of passive self-ligating systems. This has improved orthodontic treatment time, symptoms, and maintenance of the health of teeth and gums during treatment.

Our clinic uses well-established and globally recognised passive self-ligating systems (Carriere & Damon) for all our orthodontic patients. Options for more cosmetic braces options include ceramic (clear) braces; however, this option is case based and will require further discussion with your treating dental practitioner.

Pre-Prosthetic Treatment

Prior to any prosthetic or restorative work (such as implants, veneers, composite build-ups, full mouth rehabilitation), assessment for orthodontic management for your case is completed. The advantage of pre-prosthetic orthodontics includes:

  • More conservative approach to prosthetic/restorative work
  • Aids in longevity of prosthetic work
  • Improves hygiene practices
  • Eliminates continual prosthetic work in the future


After any orthodontic treatment has been completed, patients need to dedicate lifelong retention to ensure no relapse from orthodontic treatment occurs.

Our clinic provides a range of removable and fixed retention options. These options will be discussed during and after your orthodontic treatment has been completed.

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