Fissure Sealants

Preventing Tooth Decay

Fissure Sealants are a varnish applied to children’s teeth to prevent decay developing in the grooves of the back molars. These grooves can be deep and narrow, making them difficult to clean effectively, even with a child’s toothbrush.

For susceptible teeth, we regularly use fissure sealants to protect and strengthen them. They’re made up of a white filling material that flow into the cleaned grooves of a child’s molar teeth. By filling these areas, children are able to clean their teeth more effectively, and prevent further damage to teeth.

This is a very simple and painless preventative measure routinely used for children, and takes only a few minutes to apply.

The ideal time to have sealants applied is immediately following the eruption of the first permanent molars which is around the age of six.  Then, subsequently after the second permanent adult premolars come through which is between the ages of eleven and thirteen. However, there are occasions when baby molars require dental sealants if there is an indication of them developing tooth decay.