Crowns and CEREC


A dental crown covers the top and sides of the remaining tooth structure providing both strength and protection to the remaining natural tooth. A crown is advised when there has been extensive decay destroying more tooth structure than is able to be repaired by a filling alone. Crowns are also used when there is a crack in the tooth or after root canal therapy to protect the remaining tooth structure.

Crowns are custom made in the dental laboratory to integrate perfectly with your smile in both colour and shape.

Advances in modern dental materials and technology have allowed us to create more natural-looking smiles and repair teeth more efficiently in a same day double appointment.


CEREC is a system that designs and makes high-quality metal free restorations in one visit

Dentists a Grandstand Dental Care Mulgrave Melbourne are able to construct, produce, and insert individual ceramic tooth coloured restorations directly into your mouth in a single appointment, rather than over multiple appointments with conventional laboratory methods.

CAD/CAM dentistry involves a digital impression from an intra-oral scan taken in the mouth of the tooth preparation. The accurate images reproduce the tooth in your mouth down to the very last detail. This accuracy ensures an accurate fit of the restoration with far less discomfort than traditional messy impression methods and less processing time.

These images allow the dentist to design the restoration on the computer, producing a 3D model which is then sent to the in-house CEREC CAM milling centre where the ceramic restoration is made while you wait! The dentist then simply fits the restoration and cements into place.