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Loss of multiple teeth can significantly impact the ability to talk and eat. Dentures provide the ability to replace multiple teeth in one appliance. Dentures may attach to remaining teeth in the mouth, or via suction to the gums or supported with dental implants.

Generally, there are two options for framework – metal and acrylic – although all teeth are made of acrylic, they look similar to natural teeth.

Dentures also require special care and maintenance to ensure the gums and soft tissues stay healthy.

At Grandstand Dental Care, we can provide you affordable denture options but can also provide you alternatives to improve your maximum bite force and chewing efficiency is an important prerequisite for an adequate nutrition.

Poor ill-fitting dentures present a significant oral disability, which often leads to a gradual deterioration of an individual’s dietary habits and in avoiding certain foods that are hard or difficult to eat.

We can improve your chewing efficiency, functioning and cosmetics by providing functional dental prostheses or by stabilizing complete dentures with dental implants.


A traditional denture can be supported with implants. An overdenture is a great solution for someone that already has dentures.

A secure denture provides freedom from clicking and movements of dentures. No more glue or denture adhesives!
a full set of dentures
Dental implants will allow you to secure your denture to speak and eat with confidence.

A removable overdenture has implants under the denture; it can replace lost gum and bone and can vastly improve facial appearance. Cost of an overdenture is usually a cheaper option as it can often be added to existing dentures. At Grandstand Dental Care in Melbourne, we can provide various solutions to over dentures such as:

a. Implant retained and gum supported over-denture
b. Bar retained and implant retained over-denture
c. Fixed implant retained prosthesis

Advantages of overdentures

1. Promotes better digestion

Removable dentures can move around in your mouth, reducing your ability to eat certain foods. Improved stability in over dentures allows you to chew food more thoroughly, helping your stomach break down food more efficiently and absorb more nutrients.

2. Maintains bone health

Implants integrate with your jawbone, helping to keep your bone healthy and intact. Dental implants will continue to stimulate your jawbone when you eat/chew, reducing the resorption (shrinkage) process that occurs when teeth are missing. Dental implants like natural teeth supports the sinus floor level and prevents the sinus “dropping” into the oral cavity space.

3. Provides improved lip and cheek support and maintains your facial features and structure

Missing teeth and unstable dentures cause the jawbone to be under functioning and under loaded when chewing resulting in bone resorption. This gradual loss in bone volume results in loss of facial height causing the distance between your nose and your chin to shrink. This shrinking can make your face look “sunken-in” and prematurely aged.

4. Greater comfort and chewing ability

Overdentures reduce unnecessary movement during chewing and talking. Also, dental implants preserve the bone so the nerves are maintained where they are. Gradual bone resorption from reduced function causes the nerves to lie above the jawbone resulting in impingement from the dentures and causing pain.
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